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Love2d Platformer Tutorial Part 2 is out!

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Love2d Platformer Tutorial Part 2 is ready and published!  In Part 2 I talk about how to split code and use object oriented programming to create a scalable, organized game.

It took a bit longer than I was planning, and the actual gameplay component of the tutorial is a little light.  You'll have to forgive me for both problems.

I'm now hard at work on Part 3 which I'm very excited for.  In Part 3 I'll show you how to use Tiled to create levels and load them into Love.  We'll also setup a working camera and screen scrolling for a proper linear platformer.  Finally, we'll tighten up our player physics and build out our main menu.

As always, if you want to check in on progress the easiest way is to check the Github repo.  I push code regularly to https://github.com/DawsonG/Love2d-Platformer-Tutorial. Just don't expect the code pushed to be the final code in the tutorial.