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Incoming Love2d Tutorials

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My Love2d in 200 lines series has been far more successful than I hoped.  On average, 50 - 60 people view it each day.  Some of those people have been good enough to post questions, send PayPal donations, or to send me a quick thank you.  I appreciate it all as making tutorials (and independent game development) is a labor of love.

Speaking of love, I'm going to be writing another Love2d tutorial section by section in the next few months.  I'm interested though in what my readers want in the new tutorial.

I'll be building out a little Flappy Bird clone called "Flapping Dragon."  Unlike my side-scroller it'll be a full game with a title and pause screen.  I'm building it big enough that it needs to be split into different files which will allow me to show one approach to Lua project organization.

If you'd like to vote for topics covered please go to my Trello board at https://trello.com/b/vtHzeh01/flapping-dragon-tutorial and vote.