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Game Development – Playing with Unity3d and Love2d

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If you’re looking for a comparison of Love2d and Unity3d please see this post.

Game development has been a hobby of mine since 6th grade.  In fact, I completed my first scrolling shooter using Game Maker in 7th grade.  From there I took a C++ course online, got a job in web development (working in .NET), and have lived perpetually derailed since then.  I still like game development though.  It scratches a very different creative itch than writing does.  There is more puzzle to it and a visual aspect I like.  Sure, I’m not much of an artist.  Ok, so I’m a terrible artist — exhibit A – but that doesn’t mean I don’t like trying from time to time.

I have been experimenting with Love2D.  It doesn’t have any GUI editor or any really fancy rendering but I love Love.  It has a vibrant community with a certain goofiness to it.  Plus it lets me work almost entirely in code.  DLH has even managed to get some shaders running in it.  In fact, he’s a contributor to the code-base of version 0.9.0 (albeit a small contributor).

Unfortunately Love is just for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  I’d also like to experiment with phone games.  Also, I’ve had this idea for a game driven heavily by lighting.  While I could probably get Love2D to do everything I wanted the learning curve for shaders is very steep.  I started playing around with Unity a couple of weekends ago, and while I’m extremely impressed with the power and versatility, I’m not sure I like it.  It’s very visual.  Coding involves placing things in the “scene” then coding them, then (usually) removing them from the scene.  It’s not a workflow I like.  That said, it’s plenty fast for my purposes and has most of my required features.  The learning tools are also very good.  I’ve already built two small games with help from a couple tutorial writers.

Here’s the catch, the lighting effects I want can be purchased, saving me hours and hours, for $15.  A paltry sum, but more than I’ve ever invested in game development.  So I’ve made myself a deal, if the OSMstudios website generates $15 revenue this month I’ll buy the lighting effects.  Last month (January), OSMstudios generated $9 dollars entirely from ads.  This month I’ve made about $7 from ads.  I haven’t had any donations through Flattr or PayPal in awhile, but I’ll take them and apply it here if they come in.