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Namecheap and Amazon SES Verification

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

I'm posting this here since the only help I could find on this topic came from a rather vague YouTube video that moves too fast to see.

When Amazon SES gives you your TXT and CNAME records, you don't enter the part that is your domain on namecheap.

Amazon gives you:
Record Type: TXT (Text)
TXT Name*: _amazonses.osmstudios.com
TXT Value: <string of random characters>


The value stays the same but the TXT Name should just be "_amazonses"  No need to add the domain name.

Same thing for the DKIM records.  Simply drop your domain name from the host entry.


Love2d Platformer Tutorial Part 3 is out!

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

Part 3 - Creating and Loading Levels is finally up!  I have no defense for how long that took me, but I have set a stricter publishing goal for the remaining parts.

In part 4, which will be up in two weeks on October 22nd, we'll revisit the player and create a more responsive experience for the player.

Love2d Platformer Tutorial Part 2 is out!

Posted in News & Updates by Dawson Goodell

Love2d Platformer Tutorial Part 2 is ready and published!  In Part 2 I talk about how to split code and use object oriented programming to create a scalable, organized game.